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Goldair cargo s.a.

Greece - Athens

Goldair cargo operates in a sector where attention to detail, consistency and good planning are sacred rules in order for a company to provide quality and reliable services to its customers. The company Logistics Centre in Athens is the heart of its operation, the hub through which millions of product codes are handled and thousands of dispatches are made each year. The margin of error in our business in minimal, if not zero, because every mistake we make translates in a disturbance in the customer’s smooth operational activities.

In our Aspropirgos facilities, we offer full storage and delivery services. In cooperation with our forwarders around the world, cargo is shipped to and from our warehouse with the security and reliability guaranteed by the Goldair cargo name.

«You must love responsibility; you should say I, I alone, shall save the world. And if it is not saved, I shall be to blame.»

Nikos Kazantazakis

Logistics Services

Our high-level of knowhow gives us the ability to provide specialised storage solutions for special cargos and attention to serving the customer. Within this scope, our services include:

Cargo delivery:

Our goal is to be reliable and consistent in meeting the needs of our customers. That is why cargo delivery is carried out upon agreement with our customers and according to the daily delivery schedule for their merchandise. Upon delivery, a detailed cross-checking is performed on the information included on the consignment note against the physical delivery of the articles, and the list of discrepancies is handed in order to ensure good and consistent cooperation between us.
Delivery hours: 06:00 - 15:00 work days (deliveries outside these hours are carried out only upon agreement)

Storage of merchandise:

We undertake to store our customers’ merchandise, always in accordance with their instructions and guidelines. In the framework of transparent and mutual confidence relationship that we build, we perform annual inventory controls to check on any accounting and physical differences.

Order management:

Customer orders are sent on a daily basis to the Logistics department via an electronic interface from the customer service department along with the order execution timetable (numerically and chronologically), and the special orders that have been agreed. For the collection of the items, according to the customer’s instructions, we use the Random-Access, FIFO (First In First Out), FEFO (First Expired First Out) or LIFO (Last In First Out) methods. Subsequently, the barcode price is affixed (if agreed upon), the items are packed, the consignment notes and the invoice, if applicable, are issued (depending on the
agreement with the customer).


Fifty eight associated domestic freight trucks, which cover Attica and Thessalonica and 300 associated international freight trucks are responsible for distributing merchandise on time and safely. If the needs of a customer or of specific agreement require it, we have the capacity of increasing our fleet through a broad network of associated trucks, always in compliance with the strict requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 supplier evaluation system we implement. Deliveries outside major cities are carried out through stable and permanent associated agencies that guarantee the timely and safe transportation of the merchandise to its destination. Since our number one priority is the reliability of our network of associates that handle provincial regions, we perform evaluations twice a year.

Merchandise returns:

In the context of Goldair cargo’s corporate philosophy on the provision of better logistics services that cover the needs of our customers, we have created a procedure for merchandise returns (reverse logistics), which guarantees good cooperation, organised handling of the returns and uninterrupted operation of both parties. Therefore, merchandise returns are carried out following a timely notification by our customer (at least 24 hours before the scheduled receipt of the returns) with a consignment note issued by our customer, which includes the necessary legal information, all the merchandise codes according to the
common code list, as well as the reason for return per code.

Customs procedures:

The customs procedures department of Goldair cargo has obtained the special license GR A.01. 781 issued by the Customs General Directorate, a fact that allows the company and the specifically licensed warehouse to store merchandise subject to customs warehousing, i.e. to store without paying duties and VAT until their clearance or re-exportation.


We ensure in any possible way that all customer merchandise is protected from potential hazards, such as fire, explosions, earthquakes, theft, aircraft accidents, malicious acts, acts of terrorism, hurricanes, storms and floods, at a very low premium cost. The excellent quality of the services provided by the Logistics department constitutes a fundamental value of our operation, based on which we build relationshipsof trust with our customers.

Customs services:

Through its customs warehouse, Goldair cargo has the capacity to provide customs clearance services to its customers. Our experienced and specialised personnel know the common and more specific customs procedures and handle imports of cargo from countries outside the European Union, as fast as possible and in accordance with all applicable provisions. Customs services fall within Goldair Cargo’s commitment to provide complete freight services to our customers, covering every phase of the transportation chain of an item from its departure point to its final destination.

Specifically, we undertake:

  1. The entire procedure, until the payment of duties and customs clearance of

  2. the merchandise

  3. Customs warehousing of the merchandise

  4. Partial (itemised) consumption

  5. Export merchandise

  6. Issuance of customs documents T2L and EUR1

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